Benefits for Your Child


Our programming is based on The Brand X Method TM; a comprehensive, next-generation fitness framework designed to deliver physical literacy, preventing injuries, improving sports performance and keeping youth active and motivated to lead a fit and healthy life.


We are proudly, one of only two Brand X Method Training Centres in New Zealand, making us the leading choice of youth fitness in Coromandel. Through our training youth will:

  • Become safer and less prone to injuries when they participate in other sports activities

  • Develop a robust foundation that can optimize their physical fitness, athleticism, and improve their sports performance

  • Become more competent and confident, which will encourage them to explore other physical activities and sports



“Our mission is to empower kids and teens through our world leading youth programme focusing on functional movement, knowledge, confidence and resilience."


Session Components

  •  Movement & Mobility

  •  Strength & Flexibility Training

  •  Fitness Durability

  •  Teamwork & Sportsmanship

  •  Most importantly moving well while having fun

Youth joining our strength and conditioning class do not need to currently be active in sports - this class is for all levels.

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